"Follow This Proven Method To Get More Email Subscribers Quickly & Easily!"  
How One Couple Added Over 8,000 New Email Subscribers
  •  Uncover a PROVEN traffic method to build your list FAST!
  •  How ANYONE can build their first email list EASILY!
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"These traffic methods will work for anyone..."
"When we first met Sam & Cindy at our Success Counts Live event they had a list of about 2,000 people, and in 4 months it blew our minds to see them on the top 5 leaderboard of the biggest IM prelaunch in 2018! Come to find out they perfected their system and now have well over 10,000 email subscribers! We even picked up a few pointers from this traffic training! These methods will work for anyone!"
Paul Counts & Shreya Banjeree 
Owners of Success Counts & Top 1% Affiliate  on JVZoo
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When You Control The Traffic

Traffic Let's You Build Your Email List Fast!

We have all heard that the money is in the list! It is so true, and this proven traffic method is focused around building your responsive email list in the quickest way possible! What is covered inside this main "Traffic Outbreak" video training is by far the easiest and most reliable way to get traffic fast!
How we became "list building & Traffic" experts...
Hello Internet Entrepreneur!

We are Sam & Cindy Malinowsky! Ok, so we're  not really list building and traffic experts yet, but people that talk to us at live events seem to think we are! We  got further validation when our coaches Paul Counts & Shreya Banerjee got so excited when we told them our traffic source and easily duplicatable system!
Here’s why we made it… 

We decided that we were finally going to really figure this whole Internet business thing out. So we  started studying. We started to learn from the top marketing experts online, and they all kept saying that you need to build an email list. Then we started to implement what we learned.

What happened next shocked us...

After implementing we started to see email subscribers joining our email list left and right! Then a few months into our efforts we saw our name on the leaderboard for a HUGE prelaunch in the IM space! It blew our minds to see our name in lights next to the biggest marketing gurus online! 

So with the encouragement of Paul & Shreya we put our knowledge into a powerful video that will literally transform the way you profit online! You can be up and running with this proven traffic stream in minutes from now! 
Sam & Cindy Malinowsky
We Joined Forces To Help You Fast Track Your Success!
Two Leading IM Experts (Our Coaches) Joined Us On This Project!
We know just how important traffic is so we approached two people we respect in the industry to join us on this project! Paul Counts and Shreya Banerjee of Success Counts happily agreed once they saw our killer traffic method! In fact, they decided to offer training on 3 of their favorite traffic methods as well! 

So you are not only going to learn our amazing traffic strategy, but 3 cutting-edge traffic methods that people are using to win big with online!

As some of you may know Paul has over 20 years in the business, and Shreya has over 10 on top of her vast corporate consulting experience. This power duo knows how to teach people to win big online. In fact, they are in the top 1% of affiliates on JVZoo, and in the top 5% of sellers!

Let's see the training you get with your Traffic Outbreak investment today...
Our Mystery Traffic Strategy
In this informative video you will get exposure to the EXACT method we leveraged to generate over 8,000 email leads in just a few short months! You can be up and running with this strategy quickly!
Paul & Shreya's Proven Facebook Ads System
Watch over the shoulder as they setup a Facebook Ad campaign right before your eyes! You can now tap into this evergreen traffic source like the top online marketer's are doing!
YouTube Marketing Like A Pro!
Discover how to generate real, targeted traffic from YouTube! It is the second largest search engine online! There is a TON of traffic just waiting for you inside this powerful platform! This is over one hour YouTube crash course to boost your success!
+ Resell This Training & Keep 100% of Profits!
As a HUGE  bonus you get resell rights to this training where you keep 100% of the profits from each sale. So you get to resell our traffic training and the courses created by Paul & Shreya! This also includes PLR so you can rename the course as your own! 
Get All This Amazing Training With Traffic Outbreak!
Here is what you get when you grab this Traffic Outbreak package today! 
  •  Traffic Outbreak 4-Part Video Course
  •  Bonus Secret Traffic Rolodex PDF
  •  Paul's Internet Marketing Live Video Course With PLR!
  •  Paul & Shreya's 25 Proven Traffic Methods Video Course With PLR!
  •  A Collection of 15 Internet Marketing Ebooks Created by an IM Expert!
  •  Ecover Creation Software + Conversion Boosting Software!
  •  Training & Sales Page Templates!
  •  Plus Much More...
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No Previous Experience Is Required of You, Profit From Our Efforts bY lEARNING OUR TRAFFIC METHODS & SELLING THIS PRODUCT!
In this Traffic Outbreak sale you get the private label rights to a complete traffic video course plus additional bonuses with PLR.
Here is the Great News!

The great news is you don't have to be a marketing expert to create high quality, in demand Internet marketing related products to sell because we have done that for you!

We have created a product here that serves a real need in the marketplace. In fact, you can profit simply by implementing these proven traffic methods for yourself.

Plus Paul & Shreya are letting you steal their top-selling products to top it all off!

Selling Information Products Have Been Key To The Guru's Success...

We want to see you succeed in this business too! Information products have been huge for all of our success. They positioned Paul & Shreya as experts early on, and helped them to build up their email list of buyers (which is how we met them). Now you get this "Traffic Outbreak" video course with Private Label Rights (rights to resell it and rebrand it as your own) will give you that opportunity too!

You just have to decide if you want to add this new high quality training course created entirely by us to your arsenal!
PLR Is The Internet Marketing Guru's Secret Weapon For Profiting In The $62 Billion Internet Marketing Industry
There are so many different ways to profit from PLR!
  • Bonuses for your current products!
  • Load up in your membership sites and collect residual income!
  • Use in your coaching programs to boost signups!
  • Leverage and use for affiliate bonuses!
  • Use to create new products and get fresh buyer leads!
See What Top Internet Marketers Have Said About Our Past Internet Marketing PLR Packages...
You also get the Internet Marketing Live PLR package as a bonus when you grab this Monster PLR Firesale Package Today!
The Numbers Do Not Lie...The Internet Marketing Niche Is Absolutely Huge & You Get Multiple Internet Marketing Video Courses That You Can Resell!
The numbers flat out do not lie, and you can see easily why the Internet marketing niche is a $62 billion dollar market and growing! There is plenty of cash to go around, and piles of new people every single day searching online for solutions to their money problems. You can now meet this growing demand by selling them this Internet Marketing Live training because of the PLR license you also pickup today.

Just see some of the proof below that shows why this is one of the hottest niche markets that is filled with hot prospects for you to capitalize on!  
Millions of Views on Internet Marketing Related YouTube Videos
Millions of Searches Every Month For Internet Marketing Related Keywords (Add Them Up...These Screenshots Represent USA Search Traffic Only)
Tons of Books On Amazon Serving This HUGE Demand For This Highly Lucrative Internet Marketing Niche
You Have All The Proof You Need To Make A Decision Here Today! You Have Heard our story, Learned About The PLR Opportunity, watched The Testimonial, & Even Seen Proof That The Internet Marketing Niche Is Huge!
Now Please Allow Us To Recap This Traffic Outbreak PLR Offer Including
All The Extra Bonuses and Add-Ons!
Get Access To All of This With Your Purchase Today!

Traffic Outbreak Video Course + PLR ($197 Value)

Get access to the complete 4-module Traffic Outbreak course! Discover how you can generate traffic on demand by leveraging our proven strategy and Paul and Shreya's additional methods! You cannot go wrong with this package! Plus you get the PLR to resell this as your own product!

Internet Marketing Live Video Course ($197 Value)

You get access to this incredible 4-part video course where I reveal the foundations or an Internet business that has generated millions of dollars in online sales! These same methods have been responsible for millions of dollars in sales revenue, and the best part is they work in any niche market!
Watch A Demo of This Bonus PLR Course

Component #4: Private Label Rights License To Internet Marketing Live Video Course ($297 Value)

You get a private label rights licnese to this IM Live training course which means you can rebrand it, rename it, create your own graphics, and most importantly you can resell it as your own high quality training! You can also use it as a bonus to your current offers, or include it as an upsell in your sales funnels! With the PLR you can resell this product unlimited times!

Component #5: Bonus 1 - The Idea Formula ($47 Value)

Inside of The Idea Formula you will discover the power of ideas, and will learn exactly how to generate winning and profitable ideas! Behind every successful business is someone that can create great ideas! You will learn how to generate ideas, how to get a creative atmosphere, dealing with creative block, brainstorming, mind mapping, and capturing ideas! If you want to separate yourself from the competition this ebook can help you do just that!

Component #6: Bonus 2 - Niche Profits Video Course ($67 Value)

This 47-video course teaches how a behind the scenes marketer earns $1,000 to $10,000 per month building niche businesses online. So, in this course, he is going to teach you how to get started in building your own little niche marketing websites for under $100. So even if you have no experience building websites or making money online, you can get started right away with the information found in this course. Throughout this course, he will teach you how to create multiple automated niche income streams.

Component #7: Bonus 3 - CPA Cash Counts ($47 Value)   

One of the fastest ways to make money online is with high converting affiliate offers including CPA offers! You can learn how to get paid for people just submitting leads! After going through the Internet Marketing Live training this bonus ebook you will never run out of hot offers to promote at any time!  

Component #8: Bonus 4 - OptiROI Conversion Software ($197 Value) 

This powerful yet simple little software lets you boost your conversions for your sales pages or lead pages easily through the power of A/B split testing! Similar software costs $47/month to use!

Component #9: Bonus 5 - Social Media Counts ($27 Value)

Discover the secrets to getting targeted and consistent traffic from all the social media channels! You simply cannot ignore what social media can be doing for your business, your brand, and your bottom line! This is a must read ebook if you want to capitalize on this growing trend! 

Component #10: Bonus Complete PLR Video Course ($197 Value)

You not only get access to a few other complete PLR video courses with your purchase today, but I am throwing in anothr complete video course with PLR! This course is called: "Your First Sales Funnel", and it is the PERFECT compliment to those of you that invested into this package. Others paid more for a PLR license to this product alone, than you are paying today for a license to this entire Monster PLR Firesale package!

Component #11: PLR Bonus 1 - 15 IM Ebooks With PLR ($197 Value)

These are not just your average Internet marketing ebooks with private label rights that you find in every package! I paid over $15,000 for the licensing rights to these 15 awesome, evergreen Internet marketing products that were Clickbank best sellers at one point! This is a truly incredible bonus!

Component #12: PLR Bonus 2 - Google Adsense PLR ($97 Value)

This Google Adsense product teaches the evergreen method of making money with niche websites and Google Adsenese. Covering over 100 pages of original, and quality content you can feel good about reselling this product! People bought this ebook alone without the rights for more than what you are paying for this entire package right here!

Component #13: PLR Bonus 3 - 25 Proven Traffic Methods Video Course With PLR ($147 Value)

Discover 25 proven traffic methods that you can start implementing in your business to get more sales and leads! Traffic is the lifeblood for any online business. You get PLR to this amazing package!

Component #14: Ecover Software ($67 Value)

You will ge access to an ecover software so you can easily create ecovers. This will help you quickly and easily rebrand your product so you can get it live for sale, and not look just like your competition!

Component #15: Version 1 PLR Profits Workshop ($97 Value)

You will get access to my 30 part step-by-step video course teaching you how to profit from PLR products. This is the PERFECT training for you when you get this Internet Marketing Live firesale today! You will learn exactly how to maximize your profits with all the PLR sitting around on your hard drive! This bonus is worth more than the price of this entire package!

Fast Mover's Bonus #1: Dropshipping Course With PLR

I recorded a dropshipping course at my office in front of my whiteboard where I reveal the steps to being successful with dropshipping. Drawing from my years as an ecommerce store owner and consultant for a leading ecommerce brand online. You can resell this course or bundle it as a bonus with other offers, or use it as an upsell! This is a HUGE bonus!
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